Platform Features


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  • Scalable system in terms of the number of users.
  • Accessible from multiple devices and mobile technologies.
  • Open source, without licenses.
  • Customizable platform.
  • Constantly moving developer community.
  • Accepts all the exchange formats on the market, such as SCORM, IMS, LTI.
  • Has an adaptable and constantly evolving interface.

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Million developed courses

Million Users

Main Features for universities

Digital Courses

all course contents are gathered in a single place easily accessible and presented in logical order, more than 20 types of activities are available.

Online Tests

Use the platform for distance evaluation or to complement the classroom experience.

Discussion Forums

Empower the students through training and capacity building in a customized learning environment.


all marking is managed by the platform and customizable to meet all common evaluation methods.

Distance learning

Modernize face-to-face and distance learning with the support of technological resources that promote greater interaction between students  and teachers .

Main Features for companies

Online training

Invest in the ongoing training and development of your employees and retain talent.

Talent management

Maximize your human capital development strategy with digital and interactive content.


Standardize the onboarding process for each area of your company, with constant reports for monitoring the management.

Custom design and content

Customize the platform according to the visual identity and culture of your company, adapting resources and functionalities to meet the demands of the


Follow-up reports

Create personalized reports for each area of your company, facilitating  the management of employees and monitoring their professional evolution.

Main Features for schools

Live classes

students can attend live classes, with a state of art dashboard, teachers can explain and demonstrate their ideas in ultimate way, exactly if they were face-to-face with students.

Digital Courses

all course resources are gathered in one place and accessible all the time. Teachers can explore resources and functionality of the platform to create courses with digital and interactive content in a simple and personalized way.

Discussion Forums

Promote the creative use of forums for greater engagement of teachers and students, stimulating debates and knowledge exchange.

Marking Panel

Use custom criteria to assign weights and grades and automate student performance management.

Educational Management

Constantly monitor student performance, identify the main difficulties and enhance the learning process.

Main features for organizations

Capacity building and training

with the video conferencing tool, training become even more simple, employees can be trained right from their working place. 

Customized Content Management

Manage and develop customized content according to your organization’s visual identity and culture with ease and security.


Standardize the onboarding process for each area of your institution, with constant reports for monitoring the management.

Automate workflow

Promote the management and development of training for different sectors and facilitate the educational practice in your institution.

Follow-up reports

Create personalized reports for each area of the organization, facilitating the management of servers and monitoring their professional evolution.

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