Monitoring and Evaluation Platorm

To track and measure the performance of projects  in real time.


Third-party project monitoring

As a third-party monitor between project donors and implementing partners, OPC created a customized MEL online platorm which is a multi-page system capable of displaying mapped, detailed information about the MEL work that can also include updates about the context on live basis if needed.

Live activities tracking

Our online work-tracking platorm has several added values, as it would be facilitating our partners’  access to information and provide a solid contribution to the smooth flowing of information on the wide range of field activies .

We integrate into your processes

We connect with existing systems in your organization so that everything flows, the progress of the project activities carried out by the implementing partner. Further, the activities performed by OPC, as a third party, on an additional dashboard.

How M&E platform facilitates your daily work ?

Time saving

OPC’s platforms are designed to save our partners’ valuable time. When designing any platform, we always take our partners’ time into great consideration.


Quick outreach to a large number of users, depending on the need of the partner, with various outreach permissions. This mechanism reduces the circle of daily traditional communication and guarantees its reach to all employees concerned.


A simplified process of information projection, regardless of its complication, using advanced information technologies.


Providing fully customizable tools that can reduce the costs of project implementation compared to traditional means, and regular updates in response to the partner’s needs, provided on a daily, weekly or bimonthly basis etc.

History logging

The platform enables partners to archive all results and to review any former stage of the project so that they can compare the results of the indicators monitored by the platform through different periods of time.


The ability to export reports and excel sheets, simply by using the exporting feature, which produces results in a matter of seconds.

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Public Organization

Official Relief and Development Agencies


Your projects are implemented in unstable, unsecured, or conflict regions ?

Is it important to know how events would affect your activities ?

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